The Weekly Workout: The Alphabet Workout

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For a great workout head to toe, try this A-Z workout. If you can’t finish it your first time, get as far as you can. Try to get further next time, until you can complete the workout. If you can do it out of the gate? Do it twice, or increase the reps for each activity! Enjoy!

A. 15 bicycle crunches

B. 10 squats

C. 5 pushups

D. 20 jumping jacks

E. 30 second wall sit

F. 30 arm circles, 15 in each direction

G. 5 burpees

H. 15 mountain climbers

I. 15 squats

J. 1 minute plank

K. 15 tricep dips

L. 20 lunges, 10 for each leg

M. 15 bicycle crunches

N. 5 burpees

O. 5 pushups

P. 30 jumping jacks

Q. 15 sqauts

R. 1 minute plank

S. 30 second wall sit

T. 15 tricep dips

U. 30 arm circles, 15 in each direction

V. 5 burpees

W. 10 pushups

X. 15 bicycle crunches

Y. 5 burpees

Z. 15 squats

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