Mix It Up: Add These Three Sports To Your Workout Rotation

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Instead of only getting your workouts through taking a run, or going to the gym, try incorporating these three sports into your routine!

1.) Tennis- If you’ve never played tennis before, getting started can be frustrating. Getting to a point where you can hit the ball into the court can take time, but if you have a friend or loved one to take the journey with, learning can be a blast. Once you have some skill under your belt, tennis is a fantastic cardio workout. It also builds your endurance in a different way than your typical run- the start-stop nature of tennis mimics interval training, giving your body and lungs a different type of workout. Start up costs are minimal. Beginner racquets are quite cheap, and most cities have public courts- you just have to find them.

2.) Swimming- Like tennis, swimming will offer your body a different workout than your typical run. It will keep your heart rate elevated but has the added benefit of being a no-impact workout. Because of the nature of swimming (holding your breath for extended periods of time for an entire workout) it will make you a better runner, because your body will learn to use oxygen more efficiently. It is a full body workout that can hit muscles other workouts might miss, and can help strengthen your core.

3.)  Cycling- Unfortunately cycling can be a bit expensive to get into, but if you can afford it can be a great addition to your workout rotation. Like the others, it is a fantastic cardio workout that can build muscle and endurance. And, if you love the outdoors, it is a great way to see more of what you love than with running- by nature you can simply travel much further on a bike. It is also low impact, so can be a good way to give your joints a break from your normal run.