3 Products for Every Fitness Enthusiast

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Try these three products to launch your training to the next level!


1.) Set your workout up for success the moment you wake up with an inspirational water bottle with timing marks from AQUANEU! Keeping hydrated is key to success for weight management, maintaining energy, and powering through your next workout. This water bottle is a great way to stay on track with your fluid intake throughout the day and ensure you stay hydrated and ready for anything.

2.) Sometimes it can be difficult to pay for a monthly gym membership, let alone make yourself drive there enough times a month to make it worth it. Enter Bowflex SelectTech weights.

These weights allow you to do an entire weights workout in the comfort of your own home, with just one set of weights. Bowflex has 3 models to choose from, so there is a set that will work for anyone, regardless of your fitness level or needs. And ladies- don’t be afraid to list weights! We’ve all heard it: strong is the new sexy. These weights are a great way to get strong, toned muscles from your living room! And the best thing? They are so compact and portable, you can set them in the closet when your done.

3.) And, saving best for last, The Body Boss Total Workout System. This system was designed to simulate all of the bulky equipment at the gym. Do you want to try a squat bar without being scrutinized in the gym? The Body Boss Workout System allows you to do just that. Do curls, flys, lunges, full body workouts, leg specific workouts, target back and shoulders- it is all available with this complete, compact, home workout system. Achieve it all with the power of resistance bands, in an innovate system that mimics thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Plus, use promo code SAVE15TODAY  for a special 15% off your purchase of the Body Boss Total 2.0 Workout System!


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