The Inflatable Run

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A sponsored, timed 5k race can be a great way to mix things up and push yourself for your best time to date! The competitive aspect, the camaraderie you feel with fellow racers, and the adrenaline that comes with running an actual race can help you run faster and push yourself harder than you would on a normal everyday run. These races also almost always benefit a charity, so it is a great way to give back to the community, while also benefiting from a competitive run.

Take, for example, the Inflatable Run. Now, on this specific run you aren’t likely to post your best time, as you are competing on an inflatable obstacle course, but it is a great way to have fun while getting a great workout! According to their website, “Each event [at The Inflatable Run] benefits Just Care More, a wonderful foundation that uplifts under-served children and teaches life lessons thru adventure sports and hobbies.”

The Inflatable Run is scheduled for a couple dozen cities throughout the country this year, though many dates are TBD. If you’re interested check them out here. Happy running friends!




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